Instructions for abstract submission

Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts of 3 to 4 pages with key figures and references. Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, the methodology, the results and the conclusions of the work. The abstract must include paper title, names, affiliations and contact information of all authors. The language of the conference is English. The prepared material should be in pdf format and submitted online

General Rules

  1. The author or co-author who submits the abstract must be registered in the platform.
  2. Abstracts should be submitted only after the previous item is completed
  3. When submitting an Abstract all the fields is needed to be filled in.
  4. All authors or co-authors added to the abstract must have information of country, name and e-mail completed.
  5. The abstract should contain substantial information about the content of the presentation including conclusions.
  6. All communications will be considered for oral presentation.
  7. Abstracts must be submitted in this platform in Portable Document Format (docname.pdf), uploading the files and filling out the required fields. File names must include the initials and surname of the author to contact (eg. LSilva.pdf without ', ", !, ?, #, *).
  8. The information regarding the contacts of this author (phone, fax and email address) should also be included in the submitted file.

Note: Each registed author may present the maximum of 1 paper.

Send a message if you have any doubts regarding the process of submission of an article.